About Voodoo

Voodoo Objets Promotionnels (official website)

Voodoo promotional products is a small company which specializes in promotional items and corporate apparel. Moreover, we do embroidery, screen printing and several other types of decoration. VoodooPromo is a unionized company.

Voodoo Objets Promotionnels

333, 9th Ave South Sherbrooke (Quebec), Canada  J1G 2R2
812 Knight, Comox, (British Columbia), Canada V9M 3T2
San Francisco, (California) United States 95060
Phone : 819.823.3330
Toll Free : 1.VOODOO.7775
Email: info@voodoopromo.com

Our Team


Bruno Bureau

Promotion Sorcerer

Voodoo Promotional Items is the result of the imagination and creativity of a Grand Wizard of marketing and advertising: Bruno Bureau. Enter his temple to gain access to a better brand visibility from promotional products. You will find all the promotional items and corporate clothing to fulfill your every wish and give bewitching touch to all your efforts to stand out.

Alternate career : Innkeeper
My mentor : The world wide web
I often sing in the shower : Cet anneau d'or
Something bad you did as a child : Break the neighbor`s tree branches
Totem animal : Curious Armadillo 

Development director


Daniel Larose

Spirit hunter

Voodoo Promotional Items could not do whitout this spirit hunter with supernatural talents. Through his potions and spells, he develops the company`s customer base so that its wizards never rest!

Inspiration : Expiration
A mentor : My children
Sings in the shower : But not always the true lyrics
Interesting fact :  I break everything I touch!
Guilty pleasure : 3 servings of pastas!

Business development


France Laviolette

Magician of the numbers

France Laviolette adds the final touch to the creations of the magic workshop with her powers of numbers. She makes sure that nothing stands in the way of the successful realization of your magic, with her careful precision.

Passion : Travelling
Collects : Sand, from the desert in Tunisia to the beaches of the Caribbean
But also : Has an impressive collection of Christmas ornaments
Guilty pleasure : Chocolate
Hidden talent : Cooking desserts
Doesn’t like : Hypocrisy



Marie-France Gauthier

Magician of the numbers

Marie-France Gauthier takes care of accounting all the magical items sold at Voodoo. She makes sure all the enchantment books are conform and that no spell has been cast on the accounts.

Dream destination : Fiji Islands
Favourite food : sushis
Guilty pleasure : chocolate
Lucky charm : My great-grandmother's pin
Like : Jewelry, makeup and animals


Ginny Pilaeva

Creative spirit

Ginny Pilaeva is a creative spirit that is hard to calm when she has new ideas for your promotions. She gives rise to innovative concepts and solutions for the incarnation of breathaking promotions.  She watches over the members of the Voodoo temple so that every project is a success!

Stress relieving activity : Origami
Favortie Tv show : Supernatural
Annoying habit : Organise evrything by color
Favortie animal : The Sloth
Good luck charm : White ceramic cat

Marketing director


Martin Gravel

Spirit Hunter

Martin brings a touch of magic to everyone he meets. He’ll use his magic spells for your projects and leave you with a smile. You can count on him to find the magic potion to make your campaign a success. Let this travelling sorcerer help you build the promo of your dreams!

Favorite food : Filet mignon, lasagna and poutine
Sports fan : Football (Patriots), Hockey (Canadiens)
Best qualities : Jovial and a good sense of humor
Dream travel : Bora Bora and Colombia
Passions : Video games (Xbox One), NHL, Call of duty, Hockey, Pool
Animals : Two lazy cats
Hobbies : Camping, fishing and nature walks

Business Development




Eric Pomiville 

Shaman of design 

With over 25 years of experience. Eric has mastered the secrets of graphic design softwares. His visions bring forward ideas to create the most original designs for your company. No matter the scale of your project, he will put all his experience to make a succes for your promo items.

Favorite Food: Asian and italian food 
Favorite film: Matrix
Favorite activity: Music, fishing and evenings with friends
Guilty pleasure: A box of Whippets
Favorite destination: Las Vegas 

Graphic Designer



Guylaine Beauchesne

Thread charmer

As a professional thread charmer, Guylaine Beauchesne wields thread and needle with the hands of a master to embroider your logo on the apparel of your choice. Thanks to her unusual powers, your customers will be spellbound by your corporate image!

Doesn't like : People who take advantage of others
Hidden talent : Cooks amazing desserts
Favourite smell : Rose perfume
Hobby : Reading
Dream destination : Cuba



Yvette Lepitre

Fabric charmer

Yvette Lepitre uses her powers to transform ordinary fabric into extraordinary garments. Whether it is to adjust or to create, her magic infuses every piece to make it impressive!

Favourite food : Chicken skewers
Hobby : Sewing
Dream destination : Paris
Doesn’t like : Animals



Katherine Théberge-Fortin

Potion maker

Katherine is the one who searches for the magic cloth or mysterious objects that correspond to your image. Magic ingredient by magic ingredient, she will fulfill your creative wishes by helping you mix the most magical campaign!

Favorite band : ADTR
Favorite food : Cheese
Hobbies : Movies and shows
Can't live withtout : My dogs
Dream destination :

Project manager